7 Trending Topics in Federal Government Contracting

This weekly blog pinpoints huge happenings in the world of Federal government contracting. Check out more on our Twitter account: #riva_solutions. Want to know what happened this week? Read on!

1. Federal CIO, Vivek Kundra, is leaving the Office of Management in the White House to teach at Harvard University in August of this year. He is currently the most high-profile technology executive in the Obama Administration.

2. Transparency in government is essential. President Obama is credited as the first president to push Open Government through the “Open Government Directive” and the creation of “Data.Gov”.

3. Have an idea for new uses of IT in the Federal government? Then enter the Merit Awards, a worldwide contest with a $50,000 price for the most innovative, cost-saving, problem-solving proposal that relates to IT and the Federal government.

4. The Obama Administration has attempted to decrease government waste by eliminating extraneous federal websites. His “Campaign to Cut Waste” plans to wipe out wasteful government spending one useless website at a time.

5. According to Govloop.com, you need to consider the following things to be an effective social media manager: peripheral vision, influence, and trust. To be an effective social media marketer, you have to listen as well as communicate.


6. Lockheed Martin Corp.’s space systems department announced that they will reduce their workforce by 1,200 employees by the end of the year. This sector currently employs about 16,000 people and is based in Denver, Colorado.

7. Google has disabled its tool for searching government information, google.com/unclesam. Google has suspended operation of that tool and several similar search tools, insisting that they are no longer necessary. Visitors to these sites will be automatically redirected to the Google homepage.

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