7 Trending Topics in Federal Government Contracting this week!

This weekly blog pinpoints huge happenings in the world of Federal government contracting. Check out more on our Twitter account: #riva_solutions. Want to know what happened this week? Read on!

1) The Northern Virgina Technology Council announced the winners of their 10th Annual NVTC Hot Ticket Awards. These awards honor the regions best entrepreneurial technology companies that made an impact in 2010. More than 500 people from the Northern VA community came out to celebrate the nominated companies.

Read More at http://washingtontechnology.com/articles/2011/06/29/nvtc-hot-tickets-awards.aspx

2) With an increase of retirees looming, the Social Security Administration is hoping to raise the profile of its website with an adorable new app “Baby Name Playroom”. They hope to eventually shift all claims processing from SSA field offices and phone services to the world wide web.

Read More at http://www.fiercegovernmentit.com/story/mobility-takes-hold-agency-websites-could-go-extinct/2011-06-28

3) The General Services Administration is attempting to restructure their two major IT task orders. The contract to make these changes was awarded to Catapult Technology in 2007 and ends in April of 2012.

Read More at http://fcw.com/articles/2011/06/27/gsa-gitgo-evolution.aspx

4) The federal government’s move to cloud computing will include shutting down nearly 800 data savings by 2015. This change could potentially save $19 billion, but the agencies are behind the private sector when it comes to tracking crucial metrics that determine those savings.

Read More at http://washingtontechnology.com/articles/2011/06/29/data-center-consolidation-savings-survey.aspx

5) At a seminar on mobile government, federal agencies were encouraged to give mobile solutions a hefty role in early planning whether than developing mobile applications as an afterthought. Hayley Van Dyck, the former director of citizen engagement at the Federal Communications Commission, said that “Mobile has huge implications for content.”

Read More at http://fcw.com/articles/2011/06/28/federal-agencies-urged-to-consider-mobile-first-strategy.aspx

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