How the State Department engages users across the globe!


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The State Department has taken the Social Government to another level with their use of social media tools to engage users around the world.  The team that they have deployed is known as the Digital Outreach Team.

The Digital Outreach Team consists of 10 individuals who actively engage in the use of a variety of languages. Although the team operates solely under the titles of the State Department, they are responsible for educating others about the United States using facts and figures.

The Digital Outreach Team is an organization within the Bureau of International Information Programs.

Learn more about the Digital Outreach Team at

The State Department also has an interesting .ning website called Tech@State. The purpose of the website is to connect tech innovators and those interested in diplomacy and development to enable 21st century statecraft by improving education, health and welfare of the world’s population. This site was created by the U.S. State Department’s Office of eDiplomacy.” Between the use of the hashtag #TechatState and the YouTube videos, that educate members about the developments and upcoming events, Tech@State is able to increase their visibility.

Tech@State also offers “real-time awareness” through their use of Livestream, Twitter, and Facebook during their events. However, after the events there seems to be a little disconnect until the next event. Although their twitter page is not constantly updated, I am sure that they are having great discussions at

Both of these programs are a part of Secretary of State, HIllary Rodham Clinton’s 21st Century Statecraft. The State Department defines the statecraft as “complementing traditional foreign policy tools with newly innovated and adapted instruments of statecraft that fully leverage the networks, technologies, and demographics of our interconnected world.”

“To meet these 21st century challenges, we need to use the tools, the new 21st century statecraft. …we find ourselves living at a moment in human history when we have the potential to engage in these new and innovative forms of diplomacy and to also use them to help individuals be empowered for their own development.”
–Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

The 21st Century Statecraft consists of the DipNote Blog, Twitter Briefings, Conferences, Social Media Townterview, Virtual Embassy Tehran (Iran), and so much more. This statecraft is ever evolving and is inclusive of new technologies and bridging the divide between government, US citizens, and the world.

Learn more about the 21st Century Statecraft and all of the various programs at

Check out the State Department Handles

Twitter: @StateDept*


*There are hundreds of twitter accounts associated with US Embassies/ the State Department online. We suggest you find one that you are interested in and learn more about it. I chose @TechatState