7 Trending Topics in Federal Government Contracting! 03/01/12


This weekly blog pinpoints huge happenings in the world of Federal government contracting. Check out more on our Twitter account: @RIVA_Solutions. And search our new hashtag, #FedBuzz, for daily updates and join the conversation! Want to know what happened this week? Read on!

1. GSA using StumbleUpon to bring visitors to federal websites

GSA LogoGovernment Services Administration and other agencies are targeting the 20 million users who prefer to randomly stumble upon information and websites. The goal, of course, is to increase traffic to agency websites.

Read more at: http://fcw.com/articles/2012/02/28/gsa-using-stumbleupon-to-generate-traffic-to-federal-websites.aspx

2. DHS pinpoints government computers set to lose Internet access

DOD LogoAs of February 2nd, the DNSChanger virus had infected more than 50% of the government agencies. As a result, the infected computers and routers will be decommissioned.

Read more at: http://www.nextgov.com/nextgov/ng_20120227_9754.php?oref=mostread

3. Contractor survey reflects tougher times for industry

The economy is still effecting everyone, including government contractors. According to a recent study, there was little growth for contractor revenues in 2011.

Read more at: http://washingtontechnology.com/articles/2012/02/24/grant-thornton-survey-contractor-revenue.aspx

4. Researchers: How ‘leaky’ smart phones give up their crypto keys

Smart phones being used for sensitive transactions leak data that can be used to recover the cryptographic keys securing connections, researchers say.

Read more at: http://gcn.com/articles/2012/02/28/rsa-6-crypto-keys-extracted-from-leaky-smart-phones.aspx

5. GSA releases FedRAMP JAB Charter

In order to expedite the move to cloud computing, GSA has just released the FedRamp Joint Authorization Board Charter. The charter is aimed at defining the authority, objectives, membership, roles and responsibilities, meeting schedule, decision making requirements and establishment of committees for FedRAMP jab in accordance with OMB mandates.

Read more at: http://fedscoop.com/gsa-releases-fedramp-jab-charter/

6. Facebook enlists US Military for new pages debut

Facebook is releasing timeline for Facebook Pages. The first users are US Military. Enlisted as launch partners several weeks in advance, the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard introduced their new Facebook Pages with the new format, which permits larger photos and a timeline offering easy access to previously-published and historical information.

7. Army lays out future IT planning

The Army IT Agency has released a new strategic plan covering the next four years that will guide the service through high-profile moves in IT consolidation, cybersecurity and the implementation of new, cutting-edge technologies.

Read more at: http://fcw.com/articles/2012/02/28/army-it-agency-strategic-framework.aspx

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