Understanding Emerging Technologies with DARPA


This weekly blog pinpoints huge happenings in the world of Federal government contracting. Check out more on our Twitter account: @RIVA_Solutions. And search our new hashtag, #FedBuzz, for daily updates and join the conversation! Weekly, we, here at RIVA Solutions, like to spotlight government agencies that are leading the way as part of the new social government. We profile the agencies, their public affairs officers, new media directors, web mavens and other gov communicators who give form to the messages that the agencies want to convey. Are you ready to learn about this week’s agency? Read on!

If here was ever an agency that understood social media, inside and out, that agency would be DARPA. DARPA is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

DARPA is on the cutting edge of all emerging technologies. The agency recently released this clip from the DARPA Cheetah, showing off the new four-legged robotic animal which is faster than any other robot to date.

Learn more about the DARPA Technological Advancements at  http://www.nasa.gov/connect/tweetup/index.html

DARPA has its Information Innovation Office (I2O), which aims to ensure U.S. technological superiority in all areas where information can provide a decisive military advantage. This includes the conventional defense mission areas where information has already driven a revolution in military affairs: intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, command, control, communications, computing, networking, decision-making, planning, training, mission rehearsal, and operations support. It also includes emergent information-enabled technologies and application domains such as social science and human, social, cultural, and behavioral modeling; social networking and crowd-based development paradigms; natural language processing, knowledge management, and machine learning and reasoning; medical/bio informatics; and information assurance and cyber-security.

Read more about the I2O at http://www.darpa.mil/Our_Work/I2O/

A part of the I2O is the Social Media in Strategic Communication. The general goal of the Social Media in Strategic Communication (SMISC) program is to develop a new science of social networks built on an emerging technology base.  Through the program, DARPA seeks to develop tools to support the efforts of human operators to counter misinformation or deception campaigns with truthful information.

Learn more about SMISC at http://www.darpa.mil/…/Social_Media_in_Strategic_Communication_(SMISC).aspx

MIT Red Balloon Challenge Team - Professor Sandy Pentland, Manuel Cebrian, Anmol Madan, Galen Pickard, Riley Crane, Wei Pan

As part of their research of emerging technologies, DARPA launched a full scale research program dedicated to understanding and utilizing social media. Starting on February 23rd, DARPA introduced the CLIQRQuest Challenge. CLIQR is an acronym for Cash for Locating and Identifying Quick Response. The challenge was defined as using your network of individuals within your social media, locate all of the Quick Response (QR) Codes and try to win $40,000. DARPA says the purpose for the challenge is to advance the understanding of social media and the Internet, and explore the role the Internet and social networking plays in the timely communication, wide area team-building and urgent mobilization required to solve broad scope, time-critical problems. On March 12th, DARPA released the winner of the DARPA CLIQRQuest Challenge as the MIT Red Balloon Team.

Read about the DARPA CLIQRQuest Challenge at https://www.cliqrquest.com/default.aspx

Visit any of these DARPA Handles to see what DARPA comes up reveals next

Twitter: @DARPA_News

Facebook: DARPA

Google+: DARPA



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