Collaborating and Engaging with the Center for Excellence in Digital Government


This weekly blog pinpoints huge happenings in the world of Federal government contracting. Check out more on our Twitter account: @RIVA_Solutions. And search our new hashtag, #FedBuzz, for daily updates and join the conversation! Weekly, we, here at RIVA Solutions, like to spotlight government agencies that are leading the way as part of the new social government. We profile the agencies, their public affairs officers, new media directors, web mavens and other gov communicators who give form to the messages that the agencies want to convey. Are you ready to learn about this week’s agency? Read on!

This week’s agency needs no introduction…

Unfortunately we still have to give it one so that you may know what we are talking about.

The Center for Excellence in Digital Government is an integral part of the Digital Government movement. Within the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technologies at the General Services Administration, the Center provides government-wide support and solutions that help agencies deliver excellent customer service to the public via web, social media, mobile, phone, email, print and newly evolving media. These solutions include training via DigitalGov University; standards and best practices via; support to inter-agency communities of practice such as the Federal Web Managers Council; access to cost-cutting tools and technology; and research and analytics on citizen needs and expectations for better service.  In addition, the Center is an accelerator and incubator for government-wide new media and citizen engagement solutions, making it easier for the government and the public to constructively engage.  These tools include: – a citizen engagement platform that provides the opportunity for collaboration on social media tools; and, which provides information and guidance on free social media tools. (Taken directly from the website!)

The first amazing solution or resource that comes from this office is the The purpose of is to help government workers deliver an excellent customer experience to citizens. The website supports cross-agency collaboration and provides tools to help agencies effectively serve, engage, and support their customers with best practices, training, and guidance. is the home of the illustrious DigitalGov University (DGU). The DGU is a training program for web and new media professionals. The multi-disciplinary curriculum addresses the broad range of skills that agencies need to manage their web and new media efforts:

  • federal web requirements
  • governance, policy, and strategic planning
  • plain language and customer-focused writing
  • social media and citizen engagement
  • accessibility requirements
  • emerging technology

Check out the DGU on Twitter @WebManagerU, Facebook and GovLoop or visit them online at

The GSA encourages engagement from agencies with the use challenges to promote open government and innovation. By providing, GSA is able to post challenges and host a space for the public to find and participate in federal challenges. Through the use of challenges, the government agencies and citizens are able to collaborate and solve problems.

A leader in this challenge initiative is Tammi Marcoullier. Connect with Tammi on Twitter @TammiM

Test your skills and knowledge by joining the Challenge at, or stay informed by following them on twitter @ChallengeGov or on Facebook

The Center for Excellence in Digial Government has an abundance of programs and a host of leadership through the creation of the inter-agency council known as the Federal Web Managers Council. The Center for Excellence in Digital Government supports the Federal Web Managers Council, which serves as a steering committee for all these efforts.

This picture was taken from Wyatt Kash's article on

Recently, the Center for Excellence in Digital Government welcomed a new face and fresh perspective with the addition of Justin Herman. Mr. Herman is the new Social Media Manager at the Center. According to Wyatt Kash’s article, the reason for the addition is to further advancements in citizen engagement, a high priority for the Center. Congratulations to Mr. Justin Herman on his new position. We wish you and your team the best of luck.

Connect with Justin Herman on Twitter @JustinHerman

There are more programs and developments than those listed above. Learn about Citizen Engagement Platform and Collaboration on the Center for Excellence in Digital Government website at

Connect with the Center for Excellence in Digital Government on Twitter @GovNewMedia


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