Small Business, Big Buzz: Hard Questions Fly @2012SBC

By: Farrell O’Neill

Small Business, Big Buzz: Hard Questions Fly @2012SBC

Last week’s 6th Annual ACT-IAC Small Business Conference (SBC) gave collective voice to a community of small businesses, the driving force of our economy.

ACT-IAC lined up five-star government influencers for this collaborative forum, including NRC’s Darren Ash, VA’s Roger Baker, NASA’s Linda Cureton, OSDBU’s Teresa (no-nonsense) Lewis, and more. While speakers offered breaking insight into legislation and technology, it was this year’s audience who really turned up the heat.

In lieu of DC’s National Small Business Week, here are two #smallbiz shout outs to the hard-working entrepreneurs asking hard questions while lunching with our leaders.

1.    We asked hard questions…

SBC’s panel dialogue had a regulatory undercurrent with multiple discussions around increasing small business understanding of regulations, legislation, and applicability in Federal contracting.

During the panel Q&A, one small business owner turned up the temperature by asking regulatory questions of her own. What about Alaskan Native Corporations (ANCs)? How can ANCs win $150 million dollar contracts…but we can’t?

Good question, small business owner. According to Bridget Bean, SBA Director, it’s law. On this ANC hot topic and more, our hard questions generated enough buzz…to get people talking.

2.    While lunching with our leaders.

The format of this year’s SBC lunch kept things interesting. We broke into 30 tables for a “Lunch with Leaders Session” hosted by government and industry volunteers (like RIVA CEO Naveen Krishnamurthy). Each table spent 45 minutes on a chosen topic and 15 minutes for general Q&A.

Let’s just say I ate more buzzwords than chicken salad during this roundtable discussion focused on positioning small businesses to accelerate and achieve. Mobility, cloud computing, and cybersecurity had seats alongside our distinguished leaders at almost every table.

Here’s Where I’ll Be This Week:

This week I’m buzzing about the RIVA Federal Networking TweetUp at Co Co. Sala, Penn Quarter’s chocolate boutique and lounge.

We’re hosting a champagne and chocolate tasting for our closest friends to talk all things web, mobile, and social. Join the conversation and start your own buzz by using the #RIVATweetUp hashtag.

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