ED & Commerce Pioneer “Building a Digital Government for Customer Service” via GovLoop

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By: Farrell O’Neill

Last week’s @GovLoop round table conversation on Reimagining Customer Service in Government highlighted all of the unique and [in some cases] extreme things President Obama’s Executive Order mandated our government agencies to do in the name of customer service.

The catch? No $$.

So Moderator and INSIDER Chris Dorobek asked: how did the @GovLoop group of innovators find ways to provide customer service inside and outside the walls of their organization…without the dollars?

1.     Help people, reduce costs.

According to Abraham Marinez, Customer Engagement Advisor for the Department of Education (ED), you have to help people.

For internal customers, ED’s Office of Management created an Idea Engine, an open forum where employee ideas are exchanged and voices heard.

For external customers, ED stood up a one-stop-shop for student access to 145 billion dollars in Federal student aid. Abraham’s team even cut costs by bringing development in-house and using Drupal to consolidate content.

While helping both internal and external customers, Abraham is part of a team that managed to Reimagine Customer Service and save the government 1.5 million dollars over two years.

2.     Share the rice bowl.

According to Joey Hutcherson, Deputy Director of Open Government at the Department of Commerce, Federal employees have the solutions.

Likeminded career civil servants must “share the rice bowl” to change the current cultural mindset.

Creating transparency, exchanging information, and setting strokes are all on the agenda at Joey’s regular Thursday meeting with an Executive Steering Committee.

3.     Listen to your customers.

Abraham closed the Gov“loop” for me on this conversation. Take a nod from ED and review data points with your “team”.  At the end of the day, it’s about listening to customers, analyzing the audience, and reimagining your own customer service.

@RIVA_Solutions is fortunate to support the imaginative ED team and their Federal Student Aid (FSA) New Experience Group.  What innovators are you working with to reimagine customer service in the Federal space?

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