RIVA, T&L, Social Media Geeks (SMC-DC), DJ, & DC’s New Rooftop: Fed. Contracting Networking #TweetUp & Launch Party

Last month, I wrote a Press Release about RIVA’s May #TweetUp and how it revolutionized the Wednesday work Happy Hour.

I spoke too soon…

      …Then came June.

On June 20th, RIVA’s #TweetUp reached a record temp on top of DC’s Millennium Building with more than 150 government and industry colleagues and an exclusive guest DJ.

If I stand next to Ted Guilaran, Trusted Mission Solutions, long enough, maybe I’ll get 20+ years of industry capture through strategic osmosis.

Social Media Club of DC (SMC-DC) and the new mobile app, Tried & Liked (T&L), co-hosted the event at Overlook 1909 Rooftop Lounge.

Here’s my view from the top:

1. If you get it, share it.

According to our favorite social media geeks at SMC-DC, “those who get it, share it.”

RIVA’s Networking #TweetUp and Launch Party attracted some of the edgiest minds in digital government – old and new guard – with three things in common: (1) web, (2) mobile, and (3) social.

2. RIVA #TweetUp tries, likes, adopts

Wiggle room only at DC’s Overlook 1909. (We don’t mind rubbing elbows with these social and mobile geeks – gov and industry.)

Event sponsor, T&L, developed a brand new mobile app built on a private network and getting instant recommendations from the people we trust. On June 20th, the app (and entrepreneurs behind it) brought word of mouth…to our fingertips.

Guests enjoyed a complimentary cocktail with a quick download of the T&L app on their iPhone or Android, sparking rooftop conversation beyond traditional mobile app development to the importance of user discovery and adoption.

Have you downloaded T&L on your iPhone or Android? It got 5 stars and a rave review from the Daily App Show  – tell us what you think!

Already talking Part 2: Digital Strategy with RIVA ED FSA customer and New Media Analyst, Nicole Callahan.

Speaking of mobile: talking adoption with RIVA partners and Prez2 Tom Suder, (Mobilegov) and Neelu Modali (SMRC).


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